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Attract New Business like a Magnet: One Percent Club Podcast with Joe Calloway

How do market leaders turn their companies into magnets for new business, new clients, new customers?

magnetic-presentationThere are no short cuts to getting new customers, increasing sales, and growing your business. Don’t look for them – there aren’t any.

  • What you say on social media won’t do it.
  • Just asking for more referrals won’t do it.
  • Advertising alone certainly won’t do it.
  • These are all part of business growth, but they’re not the keys.

There is, however, one sure strategy that makes it happen: being laser focused on the three things you must get right every time with every customer.  Joe Calloway, shares tips from his latest book, “Magnetic – The Art of Attracting Business”  in this episode of the One Percent Club Podcast.


  • Know exactly what you want your customers to say about your business.
  • Use a fundamental business attraction strategy throughout the entire organization.
  • Get everyone focused on what matters most to customers.
  • “Filter” your choices and activities so that you always achieve maximum positive impact.
  • Identify the Core Differentiators that if you “get right” every single day will drive positive word of mouth – and make your company a magnet for new business.


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