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Google’s version of Amazon ‘top reviewer’ and why it’s important for your local businesses

Have you seen the “Top reviewer” badge as you’ve browsed customer reviews on Comments and ratings from top reviewers tend to carry more weight because consumers feel that these reviewers are serious about their assessments. Top reviewers demonstrate a level of commitment significantly above that of occasional reviewers so they have something of a […]

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Provide a home service? Discover how local search and marketing is rapidly changing

Any home services small business needs to be aware of critical changes in online marketing and local search. These changes could cause you to lose business overnight, or – if you take advantage of them – make you a premium provider of home services in your area. Before I get into some important specifics, let me […]

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Steal this free promotional idea from your local theater group to boost page views

No matter how small your town is, there’s a good chance you have some local performing art groups. This could be a local theater group or a dance company, for example. If you pay attention throughout the year, you’ll notice that they all use a tried-and-true promotional strategy to sell more tickets: They often stage […]

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