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This week in small business: All your basic assumptions challenged!

There may be more variety in our curated content this week than ever before. We go around the world to see what women are doing in Liberia and Saudi Arabia and we feature several articles that will challenge your preconceived notions. Hang on to your hat! Leadership, management, and productivity While there are certainly many benefits, […]

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This week in Small Business: Marketing tips from big biz, how to cope with startup stress and more

Tips this week are inspired by binge viewing Netflix, writing a novel, competing with LinkedIn, becoming totally obsessed and more. Scan the topics here and dive into a few of the articles to increase your small business edge. Leadership, management and productivity Here is advice that is sooo 2015: 12 things you can do for […]

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This Week in Small Business: Go to War with General McChrystal, Attend the Sage Summit via Video and Get Four Free Marketing Tools

Here’s a concisely curated collection of great small business information that was published throughout the last week. Leadership, management and productivity We use the language of war in business – rally the troops, battle for sales, win the contract – but when retired general Stanley McChrystal uses that language, he’s not speaking figuratively. In this […]

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