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How to tweak people for fun and profit

Do you know what’s really popular? Unpopular opinions. There was a trending hashtag on Twitter the other day that reminded me of one of the best strategies to improve readership on your blog. The hashtag was #confessyourunpopularopinions. Saying something that goes against conventional wisdom or is contrary to the majority of public opinion always attracts […]

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Three Tips to Manage Social Media Success

Social media is an excellent way to build brand awareness for your business and to engage with your customers. Yet many small business owners often worry about the time it requires to manage their social media marketing efforts. It’s sort of funny in a way. Small business owners used to say they didn’t have the money to market their businesses, and now they say they don’t have the time. Understandably, time is money, but you can enjoy the benefits of social media marketing without allowing it to consume your time. Here are three quick tips.

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