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Build Your Online Celebrity Status: Why Online Reviews Are Essential to Your Success

By Lindsay Dicks In today’s high-tech business environment, credibility is more important than ever. There’s an expectation that a business, in almost any industry, will have an online presence. A business that doesn’t have such a presence is going to be written off by many consumers as “behind the times” or “unprofessional.” But increasingly, we […]

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4 Ways to Build Trust with Customers That Can Transform Your Business

“Make hundreds of dollars a week just by stuffing envelopes.” Remember that tiny ad that used to run regularly in virtually every newspaper’s classified ad section? I suppose a fair number of people answered the ad, otherwise they would have gone extinct quite quickly. However, most of us didn’t take the bait. Why? Because we […]

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Cultivating Customer Loyalty: Making Your Customers Feel Valued

When consumers are asked what’s most important to them about their customer experience, the top answer is feeling valued, an InMoments survey found. One in three consumers surveyed either explicitly cited feeling valued by brands as the most important part of their customer experience or mentioned the importance of specific actions that communicate respect, such […]

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