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Custom vs Curated Content: How to leverage the benefits of both

If you aren’t publishing a mix of custom and curated content in your digital marketing program, you aren’t enjoying all of the benefits available to you. Let’s quickly outline what I mean by these two categories of content. Custom content is anything created expressly for your website or social media accounts. Curated content is content […]

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How to take the essential first step for a successful press release

When you want to get publicity about the great things you’re doing in your business, an important strategy to follow is to “pick the low-hanging fruit” first. However, there’s a problem with this strategy: Identifying the low-hanging fruit. Let me tell you what I see happening over and over again. Business owners will have something […]

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6 key areas for improvement if you want to be the industry leader

Are you a sprinter or a marathoner? It’s one of the most important questions you can ask yourself, because becoming a local or industry leader – and maintaining that position – is like running a marathon. via GIPHY You may sometimes feel that you’re on a treadmill and not making any progress, but that’s simply […]

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