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How to team up with ‘slash workers’ for small business success

The difficulty of hiring solid talent has been a complaint among small business owners for the last several years. I suspect the convergence of one economic development and one social development may be to blame in large part. The economic component is our emergence from The Great Recession. As the recession worsened, small business owners […]

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When you need it done yesterday, it might be a job for a freelancer

Consider this scenario: You’re just about to walk out the door when you remember that you wanted to dress up your website to reflect the holiday weekend. If it doesn’t get done almost immediately, it will be too late. However, it’s not a problem. You shoot off a quick note to your web designer and […]

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Collaborating at a distance: The best project management tools and techniques

Much is being written about distance employees, freelancers and virtual assistants. The advantages of using these kinds of employees or contractors in your small business are many. However, there can be as many pitfalls as advantages if the small business owner isn’t careful. It’s easy to fall into the trap captured in the old saying, […]

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