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This week in small business: Older women, younger women, older companies, younger companies, they’re all here!

This week we chronicle over-50 women leading startups and younger women leading a startup that was spun off from company over 50 years old! Who would have thought it? Lots of fun and functional advice among the articles cited here. Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation Moya Sarner introduces us to women in their 50s who are […]

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Wonder Why So Many Women Are Smiling? They Are Entrepreneurs.

Okay, I know this is going to put legions of self-help authors who target the female audience out of business, but there is one simple key to happiness: be a successful women entrepreneur. Babson College and Baruch College’s 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) US Report, makes it abundantly clear that established female business owners are enjoying […]

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Women’s History Month Tribute to Pioneering Entrepreneur: My Mother!

As we celebrate women’s history month, remember the great women in your life and don’t let their work be for naught. Women have made significant progress in business, but that progress has come on the backs of women who forged ahead, clearing the way. It is our duty to keep improving and widening the path. It’s our turn to carry the torch for future generations.

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