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Does Your Valentine Work in the Next Cubicle? Trouble May Be Brewing

There’s a standard scene in many movies where a woman becomes involved with a man but wants to keep the budding relationship secret. Invariable, either at work or a social gathering, a close friend will say, “Something’s different about you. Are you seeing someone?” You’ve probably been in this situation, as either the primary subject or […]

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Stop Your Workers from Singing: ‘Tis the Season to be Stealing!

By now we have all seen the pictures of looters destroying small businesses in Ferguson, Missouri. They make compelling television images and it’s a tragic situation for the local business owners, their employees and the citizens of Ferguson in general. However, there is another crime spree that’s picking up steam throughout the holiday season that […]

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How to Recognize Workplace Bullying to Protect Your Small Business

Bullying doesn’t just take place on the playground, it happens at work too.  The first step toward prevention is being able to recognize bullying, its early warning signs, and the conditions within which it often arises. While the press often focuses on tragic cases of youth bullying, it also occurs in the workplace. Review this […]

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