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AT&T Extends Business Services and Benefits to the Smallest Businesses

As part of its ongoing effort to provide tailored solutions for small business owners, AT&T* is extending wireless business benefits to sole proprietorships.   Now, sole proprietorships, many of which are small-office and home-based, can qualify for  the AT&T Mobile Business Agreement  and associated AT&T Exclusively Business program, which can help them better manage costs, while […]

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Well-Managed Business Travel Can Enhance Your Bottom Line

Despite the continuing concern about the economy, small businesses are picking up the pace of business travel.    Business travel is a significant investment for small companies so therefore it is important to ensure you get a strong return on your investment.  According to the Oxford Economics, USA study, every dollar spent on business travel in […]

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Workplace Stereotyping: A Silent Productivity Destroyer

When you think of diversity in the workplace you typically think of race and gender, but in reality workplace diversity is much broader. Consider your co-workers, they differ in a variety of ways such as age, marital status and family responsibilities. All of these differences can lead to stereotyping which may result in workplace tension. […]

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