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Make Entrepreneurship Day more than a note on your calendar

November is Entrepreneurship Month, the third Tuesday of the month is Entrepreneurship Day, and Entrepreneurship Day caps off Global Entrepreneurship week. It’s a slightly odd situation: Although a day, a week, and a month are dedicated to entrepreneurship, actual business starts are down, and they have been trending down for many years. In fact, closures […]

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Business Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

Business travel doesn’t stop during the holidays. Believe me I know. In fact, you may find yourself traveling more as you try to wrap up year-end business. Although many who don’t travel for business often think business travel is glamorous, those of us who do it on a regular basis know it’s anything but glamorous. Particularly during the holidays when the number of non-business travelers increases, traveling for business can be gruesome. Here are some tips to help you keep your holiday business traveling nightmares at bay.

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Do you suffer from Phobia est Consiliarius?

According to a news report I saw last night there’s a new drug on the market specifically designed to help business owners who are suffering from Phobia est Consiliarius, commonly known as “Advisor Phobia.” Early symptoms are sweaty palms, continually sitting on ones wallet in the hopes that things might get better, or nightmares in which a small, imaginary […]

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