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Small biz optimism at near-record levels: Don’t miss the boat!

There has been a lot of hopeful talk that the current economic growth will continue in a way similar to what the country experienced during and immediately after the Reagan years. While it’s far too early to be making those comparisons, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Index of Small Business Optimism hit “Reaganesque” levels in […]

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This Week in Small Business: Economic omens, cheat sheets, and startup advice

Cheat sheets, tips from a Facebook insider, and some gloomy economic thoughts (sorry, I don’t write them, I just report them) are among the interesting and important items you’ll discover as you work your way through this week’s created content. Leadership, management, and productivity In this installment of Laura Emily Dunn’s Women in Business Q&A, […]

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This week in small business: Win-win with women!

Women in Business month is behind us now, but articles featuring successful women and their role in boosting our economy are still proving to be popular. We have three of them this week, along with other inspiration and practical advice for the entrepreneur and small business owner. Leadership, management, and productivity A. Scott Anderson, CEO […]

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