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Employees Can Sink Your Small Business With Social Media Mistakes

By now, if you don’t understand the huge impact social media is having on our society today, then you must be living under a rock. For millions of Americans, social media is a prevalent part of their personal and professional lives. And many small businesses are learning to expertly leverage social media as an effective marketing tool. Which raises a tricky question. How do you manage personal and business communications in this new medium?

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Six Ways to Reward Employees When Cash is Tight.

As small businesses have struggled to survive during the recession, it has been difficult to reward employees with raises and/or bonuses. In fact, many small firms found it necessary to cut employee salaries, perks and benefits in order to survive financially. As we approach the end of 2010, the picture doesn’t appear to be appear to be getting any better. Only a small percentage of small businesses say they’ll be offering salary increases this year. And those who do, plan for the increases to be very small.

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