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Is a Rock Star From the Industry Leader Just What Your Small Business Needs?

It’s a common problem in a small business: You’re doing fairly well, but you believe that things in sales, marketing, operations (choose one) could be going better. You’re pondering the situation one day when you hear about a rock star from one of your industry’s leading companies who might be willing to join your team. […]

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Stay Legal in the Evolving Labor Market

The labor market today is becoming a richer and more varied tapestry of options than it has ever been. We still have the traditional salaried and hourly employees, but we have a whole new slate of self-employed or semi-self-employed (the Department of Labor is going to love that term!) workers, including virtual assistants, freelancers, peer-to-peer […]

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Operator, Get My Telecommuters on the Line!

The federal, state and local governments can pass laws restricting people’s behaviors or controlling automobile manufacturing in ways that they hope will reduce air pollution. Those same agencies can spend billions of dollars on rapid transit and highway expansion projects hoping to reduce traffic congestion. While these efforts may be well intended, we know that […]

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