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Women’s History Month Tribute to Pioneering Entrepreneur: My Mother!

As we celebrate women’s history month, remember the great women in your life and don’t let their work be for naught. Women have made significant progress in business, but that progress has come on the backs of women who forged ahead, clearing the way. It is our duty to keep improving and widening the path. It’s our turn to carry the torch for future generations.

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This week in small business: And you thought ‘The Shining’ was scary!

Are entrepreneurs quaking in their boots? Are they out looking for trouble? This week’s collection of curated small business content looks at those questions! Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation See if you think this article is an entrepreneur’s version of The Shining: Does this keep you up at night? In a somewhat similar vein, this Salesforce […]

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THE Small Business Expert Congratulates President-Elect Donald Trump

Mr. President-Elect, I am from the “Show Me ” state of Missouri and you certainly showed our country that the underdog can win. For many of us who are small business owners that is inspirational because we are too often forgotten, ignored and discounted. Your victory last night gives us great hope for the future. […]

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