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Thanks for everything – now get out! When Founders Get Fired

We all know the scene: Donald Trump waggles his finger and points at one of the pseudo-celebrities on his “Celebrity Apprentice” reality TV show then utters those harsh words, “You’re fired!” It makes for good television, but despite the fact that it’s all done for entertainment and to help some charities, I think the moment […]

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Independence Day: The Spirit of America and Entrepreneurship

After adopting the final draft of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776,  the document was read in public in cities throughout our young country.  It was a time of celebration and patriots exploded in cheers.  While historians call our early ancestors, patriots, I call them entrepreneurs.  They were visionaries who sailed to an […]

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Create a Compelling Pitch for Your Small Business

In one of the worst business pitches ever featured on the ABC reality show, “Shark Tank,” Michael J. Desanti tries to wow the panel with a bird feeder that can be remotely triggered to electrocute ravenous squirrels.  The only thing that got zapped was any potential for interest from the prospective investors. Tip: Be sure […]

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