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Do You Have This Critical Success Trait for Small Business Success?

If you’ve been around entrepreneurs and startups for a while, you begin to compile a list of reasons why some are successful and others are not and you have to scratch beneath the surface. For example, some failed entrepreneurs might say they were undercapitalized. That’s more of a symptom than a cause. Why were they […]

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How to Impress the Judges at a Business Plan Competition

I was pleased to be one of the judges at last week’s Connecticut Business Plan Competition sponsored by The Entrepreneurship Foundation and held at Gateway Community College in New Haven, Connecticut. Twice a year dozens of teams from the entrepreneurship classes at Connecticut’s private colleges, state universities and community colleges compete for cash awards, trophies […]

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Programs to Boost Disabled Veteran Small Business Startups

About once a month, almost like clockwork, the national media run stories on the unemployment problems our veterans—especially disabled vets—face. Many are using an age-old strategy to overcome chronic unemployment: They’re starting their own businesses. There are great resources that veterans can tap into to get them started in their own businesses. Some specifically target […]

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