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This Week in Small Business: Nothing but practical advice you can start doing today!

Meat and potatoes. That’s how I’d sum up the advice experts served up this week to help small business owners improve their operations. Virtually all the strategies are practical and things you can start doing right now. Dig in. Leadership, management and productivity Listen up, small business retailers: If you’re not delivering personalized digital customer […]

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Why you should try Facebook’s Hackamonth program in your small business

Sometimes young, innovative companies start an initiative and it gets a lot of publicity at the beginning then sort of fades away. The idea – however clever and forward-thinking it is – just doesn’t pan out. For example, Amazon shuttered its Amazon Webstore program in 2015. However, occasionally the ideas work and Facebook’s Hackamonth program […]

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Is Your Small Business Facebook organic reach down? Stop guessing. Here are the facts.

Much has be said about changes at Facebook in recent months. We know that Facebook is pushing small businesses and others to advertise and not depend totally on their fans and friends seeing their posts in their news feeds organically.   We can’t be too critical of Facebook for this strategy. After all, millions of people […]

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