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National Women’s History Month — A Salute to Those Who Forged the Way.

Every year during Women’s History Month, my thoughts turn to my mother. Why? Because my mom was a pioneer in the field of women business ownership.
Mom became an entrepreneur at the end of World War II which was unheard of in those days. The war left her a young widow, and she was determined to provide for herself. Partnering with her brother who was just returning from the war, they pooled their resources and opened a furniture store in a rural Missouri town. I’ve heard many great stories about my mother’s ability to sell! She was a dynamo, and the business thrived as a result.

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Tips For Selling With Confidence!

Successful selling begins with good preparation. Before you make a sales call, take time to do o your research. Know a little history about the company and your prospect. Visit their web site. Do an Internet search using one of the main search engines such as Yahoo or Google. Look for recent press releases or other pertinent information. Pay attention to the company’s advertisements and marketing strategies. And don’t forget to check out their competition.

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8 Cheap Ways to Market Your Small Biz — Small Business Ideas!

Famed author Mark Twain said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” But advertising can be expensive. And in a tight economy, many small businesses cut their marketing budgets first because of cash flow concerns. However, when times are tough, it is even more important to keep your business brand front and center. Small business ideas to help you succeed.

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