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Delivering an Unmatched Customer Experience in the Digital Age

By John Tschohl Creating highly engaged customers is forcing companies to provide their customers with a consistent experience whenever and wherever they need it….digitally. Did you know that highly engaged customers buy 90 percent more frequently, spend 60 percent more per purchase, and have 3x the annual value (compared to the average customer).That’s a huge revenue […]

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Use artificial intelligence to boost your customer service emotional intelligence

Oblivious. Out to lunch. Insensitive. Preoccupied. Unobservant. We’ve all suffered from these lapses at one time or another. They are worse for some people yet others seem to be able to avoid these pitfalls almost all of the time. You know when you’re dealing with someone who is oblivious to your condition. You could be […]

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Want to impress your customers? You need to know this first

By Jason Grills Offering incentives and promotions before shopping leaves a positive impression on 60 percent of online shoppers in short run, according to Invesp. In spite of this fact, to keep your customers impressed continually, you’ll have to invest more than a couple of discounts in your relationship, and sometimes it’s not an easy thing […]

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