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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Your Customer Service Operations Global

One of the most exciting parts of any company’s journey is expanding into new markets. Whether that means going to the next town over, across state lines or into a new country, the feeling of growth and accomplishment never gets old. There will be, however, many new associated complications to manage. Supply chains will get […]

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3 Ways Technology Can Make Your Customer Service More Proactive

For the last several years, Forrester has consistently identified proactive engagement supported by automated technology as one of many key trends in customer service. Proactive engagement dramatically improves customer service efficiency. Case in point: Companies can easily automate the handling of customer support tickets involving routine issues, such as looking up account information, resetting passwords […]

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All Customers Are Created Equal – Just Some Are More Equal than Others

By Shep Hyken In 1945 George Orwell published the literary classic, Animal Farm, which was required reading in my middle-school English class. I always remembered the line: All animals are created equal, just some animals are more equal than others. Someone recently referenced the book and this famous line, and it made me think about […]

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