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How to conquer tech networking for fun and profit

Networking for elevating the authority of your business or for sales and marketing purposes is a common practice. But those aren’t the only reasons to network. Considering the critical role technology plays in any business today, networking to improve your understanding of technology and to make professional contacts in the greater tech community can be […]

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Will Alexa be your next employee of the month?

Did you hear the news about Amazon’s Alexa? The company is targeting businesses to adopt the popular voice-activated assistant. Frankly, I’m shocked that it’s taken this long – but I’m not surprised that Amazon was the first to come forward in this market. We have been discussing the business adoption of voice assistants like Alexa, […]

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Do you need custom software? [#infographic]

We often sing the praises of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based apps in general for infrastructure, marketing, and other functions but there are still reasons why some small businesses and medium-sized businesses may need to develop custom software. If you suspect that might be your business, scroll through this infographic provided by My Web Programmer and see how many […]

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