5 Overlooked Social Media Tips to Boost Branding, Clicks, and Conversions

facebook like dislikeIn social media, it can be easy to fade into the crowd. Staying fresh, interesting, and engaging is vital to the success of any social media campaign. An engaging and successful social media presence can be a tremendous boost to your website’s sales funnel. We’ve assembled five oft-overlooked tricks to take your social media game to the next level and boost your brand presence, clickthroughs, and conversions.

1. Don’t be afraid to be verbose. If people like what you’re saying, they’ll want to read more. Google Plus and Facebook are both great places to put your lengthy posts, and the way they display comment threads encourages the development of discussions. Though Twitter is limited to 140 characters, there are several third-party websites that provide tools to extend your tweets as long as you want. 

2. Embed a call to action button in your Facebook post. This is a sneaky one: Facebook actually supports a lot of special formatting for posts, and that formatting can make the difference between a user simply scrolling past your post in his or her and a possible conversion. 

To access these special tools, head over to Facebook Ad Center. There, you’ll find a multitude of special tools and features to help you hone your Facebook ads into conversion machines. The best tool of all: the Facebook Power Editor. 

Facebook Power Editor is a bulk ads creation and management tool aimed at power users and organizations that advertise at scale. It includes fine-tuned ad formatting tools that enable you to manipulate and format your ads almost endlessly. Though its complicated tools are not for every organization, it’s worth taking a look to see if it can help take your ads to the next level.

Bonus: Embed a call to action in images. This is a sneaky one! Adding a special button and the image you use to accompany your post, (What? You mean you aren’t using images to increase engagement?

3. Combine your audiences. With little more than periodic reminders, you can convert Twitter followers into Facebook fans and LinkedIn Connections into Google Plus contacts. These people already like what you do. They’ve clicked ‘like’ once, so why wouldn’t they do it again? 

social media treeAfter you’ve combined your audiences, leverage a tool like HootSuite to spread each social message you send across the various social media platforms you use. By combining your audiences, and then spreading all of your post you maximize the potential that each post will be seen by as many of your followers, fans, subscribers, and contacts as possible.

4. Engineer a celebrity takeover. There’s nothing like a touch of celebrity to breathe some life into a struggling social media campaign. If you have the resources and the connections to facilitate it, a celebrity sponsor can build a huge amount of positive buzz for a company. 

This is especially popular for sports teams, where a large number of popular, yet low-cost celebrities (the players and coaches) make it affordable for marketers and interesting to readers. But sports teams aren’t the only place that this can work: fashion brands, stores, and even restaurants have all recently used this method to great effect. 

5. Get a little weird! When you’re looking to stand out, don’t be afraid to get a little silly. If can engage people by getting a little edgy and saying something out of left field, it’s well worth the potential risk. By letting your business guard down a bit and allowing your persona to be more candid, you appear more trustworthy and personable. 

Old Spice is a great example of a brand that’s not afraid to let things get a little weird. Coinciding with the famous commercials, the deodorant company completely revamped their social media presence to match the commercial’s irreverent tone. The result was pure social media gold. Lesson? Let that freak flag fly!

Get to it! These tips should help take your social media game to the next level. A successful social media campaign will boost your user engagement, clickthroughs, and conversions. The bottom line? The name of the game is standing out.

• • •

Hilary Smith is an online entrepreneur and business writer. In addition to covering social media branding tips, her writing also covers everything from entrepreneurship and start-up businesses, to business communications and the impact of globalization on the global economy. Find her on Twitter today!