03/20/2015: Susan Solovic Takes 2015 Business Excellence Award

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Small Business Expert Susan Solovic Takes 2015 Business Excellence Award

ST. LOUIS, MO, March 20, 2015 – MoneyTransferComparison.com recently named small business expert Susan Solovic a 2015 Business Excellence Award Winner.

In announcing the honor, the company cited Solovic’s work with major publications, such as the Entrepreneur and Wall Street Journal, as well as her bestselling book, “It’s Your Biz.” Further, they praised her popular website (SusanSolovic.com), saying that it features “one of the world’s most entertaining business blogs.”

“It’s always a great honor to have someone take special note of the work I do to help small businesses, especially from a company that’s also concerned about small businesses and the consumer, like MoneyTransferComparison.com,” Solovic said when she learned about the award while presenting at the recent SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.

Solovic’s work promoting and advising small business goes beyond her website and the articles she writes for her websites and other online venues such as Entrepreneur.com. She is a frequent guest on a wide range of news and financial networks, such as Fox Business, where she offers the perspective of the small business owner and comments on how current events impact Main Street America.

She works closely with AT&T, Constant Contact, Sage, American Management Association and other major companies that provide services to businesses of all sizes. She is currently establishing an online small business academy that will use a variety of interactive tools to help entrepreneurs establish their business and enable existing small business owners to grow in today’s competitive climate.

MoneyTransferComparison.com was first established to help consumers and business owners find the most economical ways to transfer money. Most people merely turn to their local bank to make a money transfer, but that is often the most expensive way to send money.

At MoneyTransferComparison.com, users are able to discover specialized money transfer companies, compare their rates and see overall ratings. Consumers and businesses can save money in fees by using these companies.

Since its initial founding, MoneyTransferComparison.com has branched out into related areas, including business finance. Small businesses can now learn about and compare loans rates and fees from several lending sources. Owners can also read online reviews of the featured lenders.

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