Author: Susan Solovic

How to instantly author your own e-book for just a few bucks

  “Now Gary, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. Or the medium way. Or the semi-medium-easy-hard way. Or the sort of hard with a touch of awkward-easy-difficult-challenging way.” – SpongeBob SquarePants In this quote, good old SpongeBob covers pretty much all the ways small business owners accomplish things. However, if […]

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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough. Ain’t no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you, baby.

You may remember this song popularized by Marvin Gaye in 1967. For some reason the lyrics keep running through my head — not about my husband (although I do love him), but rather about my business. And not just my business, but every successful small business out there.

I realize the song is about personal relationships, but aren’t our relationships with our business just as strong? When you launch a business, it’s personal. In the early days, you are the business. You nurture it, you do your best to protect it and you struggle to help it grow. The lines between your personal and business life are completely blurred. The business occupies your heart and mind constantly. Your business is a part of you.

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How to avoid this big company’s customer service fiasco

“I bought an HP all-in-one printer through Amazon the other day and encountered a problem when I set it up. During setup, the small touchscreen on the front of the printer – which is called the control center – stopped working. “It froze at one point. I uplugged and replugged in the printer and the […]

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This week in small business: The stock market correction, beaucoup productivity hacks, and many marketing tips

It’s easy to talk about a drop in the equities market today, but Tim Duy was discussing it back in mid January. Check out the link at the bottom of today’s collection of curated content. On the way there, you’ll find some excellent advice on mistakes to avoid and productivity habits to adopt. Leadership, management, […]

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