New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business


The new year is like a blank, new page. Your business can remake itself just as a person can, with New Year’s resolutions. Your business can always serve customers more thoroughly, and create a better, safer, work space for employees. When you raise that glass of bubbly this December 31st, think long and hard about how your business can be more productive, helpful and ethical in its practices. Here are a few suggestions:

Delegate More

When people are overloaded with work each day, mistakes are made. As a small business owner you’re no different. If you can delegate more it not only takes items off your own to-do list, but it lets employees be more involved with the company and more invested in the business. With a healthy delegation habit you can have a more balanced life.

Eliminate Emotional Vampires

Emotional vampires are employees or clients that take up heaps of your time and project negativity everywhere they go. If you’re business is established and turns a healthy profit, it doesn’t rely on these types of people. As a business owner you not only choose who works for you, you also can pick your clients. Eliminate people who take up your mental and emotional energy and learn to say “No” to the people who make your work difficult.

Give Back

People want ethical businesses. You can share your knowledge or donate part of your profits to a charity for a great kick off to the new year. Charity Navigator offers thousands of verified charities and rates them based on how they allocate donated funds. This shows your philanthropic side, but also gives your business a chance to share its knowledge and services with a larger audience. For instance, Elizabeth Santana, CEO and founder of a floral company, planned out floral design classes for the public in Manhattan. She also gave back with web videos that shared her expertise.

Social Media Blitz

Sure, you’ve said you’d master social media a thousand times, but now is finally your chance. Make a resolution this New Year’s that finally gets you involved in this vast community. Take a look at Twitter guides, Facebook tips and Pinterest walk-throughs. There are many professionals who’ve made a living as masters of social media. If your business has the means, hire a professional who can give your company a solid presence on the Internet.

Improve Security

Make your business a safer place. Protect your company, your clients and your own employees with IP security cameras. Many security cameras come with steep installation fees and monthly subscriptions for monitoring. But Lorex provides affordable, wireless security cameras with no monthly payments. They are easily set up, and with the smartphone app you check on your business anytime, anywhere. However, employees must be informed of the installation of security cameras.

Involve Others

Your company has many goals in the new year. Involve others in setting these goals. While you may think your ideas are the most important, there are probably many others you’ve not even considered. Have employees submit goals they think the company can achieve, and even involve some of them in spearheading these goals. While employee motivation is key, it gives the leaders stock in the business’ success.