Solovic Takes Two Small Business Honors in November

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ST. LOUIS, MO, December 1, 2015 – A pair of influential business websites and leaders honored Susan Solovic in November for her influence in the small business community and championing the cause of small businesses across the country.

Solovic jumped from the number five spot to the number four position on Evan Carmichael’s list of “Small Business Experts to Follow.” The ranking is based on Solovic’s following and influence in the social media, and includes the top 100 influencers.

The only influencers who ranked higher than Solovic included two institutions – the support helpline at Business.Gov and Google Small Biz – along with Frank Sonnenberg.

In addition to being cited by Evan Carmichael, Solovic was included in Small Business Trend’s 2015 Small Business Influencer Awards that call out the biggest names in the small business community. Solovic was named one of the group’s “Top 100 Champions.”

“I’m proud to be included in both of these lists and it’s especially gratifying to be one of Evan Carmichael’s ‘Small Business Experts to Follow,’” Solovic said.

“He bases his list on how widely your posts are picked up on the social media,” she explained. “Twitter and Facebook have become extremely important to the small business community as a way to share information and advice, and I’ve put a lot of effort into that, so I’m glad that what I post has become so popular,” Solovic said.

In addition to these two honors, in March 2015 gave Solovic its 2015 Business Excellence Award. Then in May, the Euro-American Women’s Council gave her its Goddess Artemis Award.

Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation recognized Solovic’s ability to use the social media as a tool to promote and support small business in April when it named her one of the country’s Top Small Business Influencers.

Not only does Solovic promote and work with the critical small business sector of the U.S. economy through the social media, she speaks around the country at small business gatherings and makes frequent appearances on the Fox Business Network and other media outlets discussing the impact of current events on “Main Street.”

She posts regular success tips on her website, and works with a number of major corporations, such as Samsung, Staples and AT&T, to help them better meet the needs of the small business community.