How to Improve SEO and Increase Site Visibility [#infographic]

By CopyPress

Influencer marketing is an important but often untapped aspect to lead building and conversions for a business’ online efforts. This type of marketing ties in directly with your link-building efforts when used correctly, and it can offer your company better audience targeting than traditional marketing and advertising.

In a world where ads get blocked and people have a hard time trusting companies, personal recommendations are key to getting new people to discover your products and services. After all, how often have you checked a product’s star rating or read a few reviews before committing to purchasing an item online?

If this concept sounds like a B2C theme only, think again. B2B businesses get as much traction out of influencer marketing as B2C counterparts. Your list of influencers will be a little different, but having reputable sources backing your product, even if they say it’s in collaboration or agreement with your company, is an essential way to build leads and make conversions. Your potential customers don’t have to know the source making the recommendations either. The simple fact that a personal recommendation exists is enough to be effective.

When you have influencers you’re excited to work with, get your resources ready to do some link building. Cleaning up, creating long-tail keywords, and shaping other link-building efforts will give those influencer posts and links the space to work.

Want more information about influencer marketing and link building? Explore the following infographic from the content marketing team of CopyPress or download the full whitepaper on building and sculpting a link profile.