Legendary Quotes from Highly Accomplished Entrepreneurs [#infographic]

No matter what the field of work is, the curiosity around the struggle associated with it creates curiosity which makes way for the go getters to tell their story. The story of how a seasoned entrepreneur mustered up the courage and made up his mind to create something new is contagious and often inspire others.
An entrepreneur who has crystal clear business goals, passion about his work, and the boldness to stand against all odds and prove his mettle can conquer anything. This ability of taking high risks and believing in one’s capability makes them stronger. The fear of failure makes you lose enthusiasm, you start to question everything, blame others for small setbacks and even blame fate for not being able to match up to your competitors.
Compiled by Total Processing, check out these 45 quotes from leading entrepreneurs who are revered around the globe for their accomplishments and the power to bring about change in the world with their actions. Some of these quotes might speak to you and help you make better decisions and take your business to new heights. Some of these quotes can help you motivate yourself, remove negativity, and feel empowered to get your name added to the list of legendary entrepreneurs of the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and many others one day.