7 Reasons You Should Start Podcasting

By Rob Cressy

If you are looking for a new way to increase your credibility and awareness, build relationships, and generate new leads and dollars then podcasting is the answer.

As a marketer it is important to be forward thinking and take advantage of where the market is going, not where it has been. Last year 57 million Americans listened to podcasts monthly, an increase of 23 percent from the previous year (source: AdAge.) 88 percent of weekly podcast listeners listened for one hour or more, with the average listening more than four hours, and on average they listened to 5 podcasts per week.

Got your attention? Good.

Here are seven reasons why you should start podcasting.

Reaching a Targeted Audience

One of the beauties of podcasting is you have the ability to be very specific on the topics you are talking about. If your podcast is about digital marketing you aren’t going to be attracting listeners who expect you to talk about gardening. You’ll attract digital marketers. The more value you provide on a consistent basis to the demographic you are looking to reach, about what matters to them, the better your results will be. It’s Targeted Marketing 101.

Gives You Instant Authority and Credibility

When you create value for others and become a thought leader that instantly raises your authority and makes you an expert. The more you publish, the larger your audience size becomes, and the more your authority increases.

Your status will automatically be elevated because of the quality of your guests as well. This happens naturally because of guilt by association. When people see you with someone they perceive has high status, then you take on that status as well, thus becoming more credible.

Provides The Opportunity To Build Relationships

This is on multiple levels, both with your listeners as well as interviewees (if that’s the format of your show.) When done correctly you’ll provide value to your audience every episode, giving them a reason to come back.

Humans like to connect to a voice. With podcasting it’s just you and the listener so it feels like a one-on-one session. This gives you the opportunity to build an intimate connection that you do not get with written posts. When this connection grows a crazy thing happens, your listeners start to think of you as their friend because they feel like they know you.

Assuming you do a good job with your show and are consistent in publishing podcasts, you’ll then become part of your listener’s routine. There are so many opportunities where someone can listen to a podcast: in car/commuting, at gym, on lunch, at work, at home.

For people you interview on your show it is a great opportunity to build relationships with other thought leaders. Having a podcast allows you to always have a reason to talk to someone and provide value to them.

Lead Generation

Podcasting can be a great form of lead generation. Instead of sending a cold email trying to do business with someone, you can instead ask them to be on your podcast. Your odds of having a conversation greatly increase because:

  1. You aren’t like every other person pitching your business (aka differentiation.)
  2. People rarely get asked to be on podcasts so it can be seen as an honor.
  3. It’s an opportunity for you to present value to the person you want to do business with by having them share thought leadership (which promotes their brand.)

By giving before you receive you’ve started the relationship off on the right foot and they are more likely to be open to talking about future business opportunities. The best part of this, when you provide value to your interviewee, and then provide value to your audience, guess who also ends up being the winner. YOU!

New Channel and Improved Content Mix

Right now the most popular channels to communicate with and market to your audience are on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn) as well as via a blog. Podcasting offers you a new channel in which you can get your message out and start creating positive brand interactions. There is also less noise in podcasting (opposed to the other channels) so it’s also an opportunity to start building relationships where your competitors might not be.

Another benefit of podcasting is that you can repurpose the content. From creating a specific blog post about the podcast topic to including it as part of your social media content mix. This gives your audience multiple ways in which they can consume your content.

Ease of Creating a Podcast (aka low barrier to entry)

You don’t have to have a technical background in order to start podcasting. It can be as simple as recording a conversation in person, on Skype, or via the phone.

It also doesn’t cost much as in its simplest form you could do it with equipment you already have (once again, Skype, your computer, free software, your phone.)

You also don’t need to spend a ton of time in order to create one. Podcasting can be done at home or in the office, in your car or while commuting to work, or on your smartphone whenever you want. Recordings can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

Mobile Accessibility

In 2016 71 percent of podcasts were listened to on a smartphone or tablet. On average people engage in 76 sessions with their phone per day so it’s imperative that you take advantage of the mobile first digital world in which we live in (source: Business Insider.)

Now that you understand why you should be podcasting it is time to take action.

• • •

Rob Cressy is a marketing expert and the Founder of Cress Media, a content creation and digital marketing company that aims to make the world a better place one smile and positive brand interaction at a time.

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