#Infographic Inspiration: Immigrants Who Became Successful in America

By Omar Kahn

Why are there so many stories of immigrants being successful in America?

This infographic from Hansen & Company takes you through just a few of those stories. After having made it to American from other countries, immigrants often seem to have that extra hunger to succeed.

For example, Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang created something special as the Internet was becoming a part of our daily lives, yet he arrived in America at age eight knowing just one English word: shoe.

The late Andy Grove is another great story and his journey to America was incredible. He spent his formative years hiding from the Nazis under a false identity and later became chairman and CEO of intel. Be inspired by the amazing lives of some of our most successful immigrants in this infographic.

• • •

Omar Kahn is a legal assistant at Hansen & Company. He likes to write about issues relating to employment and immigration and is passionate about guiding people through the immigration process to help them relocate to a new country.