One Percent Edge #Podcast: Diana Chapman

Conscious Leadership: Mindfully Developing Yourself and Your Team with Diana Chapman

It takes more than a great product and a sleek business model to find success. More than anything, it takes the dedication and commitment of a great team of thoughtful leaders. We’ve talked before on the show about mindful thoughtfulness, and how it is important as business leaders to operate from that thoughtful mindset. However, it is time we put the focus on business relationships, and how to mindfully develop ourselves and our teams to really give ourselves an edge.

Our guest is Diana Chapman, an author and business developer with a keen eye towards Conscious Leadership. In Diana’s experience, companies that thrive work hard on reducing drama, creating a community mindset, and serving their employees with a thoughtful set of leadership skills. In this episode, Diana will share how we all operate from either Fear or Trust, on either side of “The Line.” Her challenge to you is to ask yourself: from where do you operate? On which side of The Line do you fall? Are you ready to find out? Then let’s begin!

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Podcast highlights:

  • Diana defines Conscious Leadership
  • What is “The Line,” and how can it change your mindset?
  • Understanding the roles of the “Drama Triangle.”
  • Practical tools you can use to create trust in your organization.
  • The myths we have about emotional expression in the workplace.
  • Diana shares how she became involved in Conscious Leadership development.

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