One Percent Edge #Podcast: Bruce Turkel

How to Build a Memorable Brand and Cultivate Customer Loyalty with Bruce Turkel

Are you feeling stuck in your marketing or distant from your customer? Are you frozen in place, trying to decide how best to reach your audience? It’s no small feat to bring a product or service to a customer these days. Gone are the times where you are able to simply “sell” a customer. Consumers are savvier and often willing to do their homework to get the best price and service. My guest, Bruce Turkel, is going to teach you his tools to meet your audience with some savvy strategy of your own.

It turns out that generating a memorable brand and cultivating customer loyalty is all about your strategy. You can use the same tools and tricks your customer is using to market what is unique about your business…YOU. When you go the extra mile to deliver fast service and when you initiate customer contact, you engage in a dialogue with your audience that today’s consumers crave. Yes, today’s shoppers are Social Media Savvy, but you can be too. Dive into this episode to find out how!

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Podcast highlights:

  • How you can elevate a function of what you do to become a brand.
  • You can engage “Instant-on” Customers who expect fast results.
  • Customers want to be talked with not sold.
  • The powers and pitfalls of Social Media.
  • How you can become a S.P.O.C and build customer trust.
  • Get your Social Media Strategy on!
  • Bruce’s 4 Guiding Principals for Business
  • Learn about Bruce’s Mastermind Group coming soon!

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