One Percent Edge #Podcast: Dr. Mark Goulston

Listen to the Market or Risk Business Failure with Dr. Mark Goulston

Our world is saturated with information and communication. With all that noise and chatter, it can be tempting to try to tune some of it out, rather than leaning in a listening. However, failing to listen to the market can mean failure for a business. To sustain a competitive edge, you have to, in a sense, keep an ear to the ground. How can we learn to listen well? Mark Goulston, featured in this episode, is somewhat of an expert.

After beginning his career as a psychiatrist and suicide prevention counselor, Mark shifted into business consulting. It was there that he found the key to landing any sale, booking any client, and serving the community well was a robust set of listening tools. So many of us hear, but never listen to understand. Mark calls us to change our habits, turn on our listening ears, and develop the empathy and compassion that a competitive business needs to have in our chatty world.

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Podcast highlights:

  • Learning to listen from his work in Psychiatry and Suicide Prevention.
  • Getting curious about what people say.
  • Your 4 key things to notice in any conversation.
  • Learn the 4 Components of “Gotta Have It!”
  • A closer look at why we don’t listen.
  • Mark’s “Better Listening” takeaway. Be present!
  • Free Gifts for you, including the 7 Keys to Insanely Great User Experience

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