One Percent Edge #Podcast: Sydney Finkelstein

How to Become a Superboss with Sydney Finkelstein

How would you like to become a Superboss?

Say it’s time to expand and grow your team. When you bring someone under your wing, it is important that they share your company’s values. What about what you are bringing to the table? How do you handle training and bringing up this new hire? Do you think you’re a good boss?

Having dynamic and empowering leadership is essential to building innovation into your company’s DNA. Our guest is Sydney Finkelstein, a professor at Dartmouth College, executive coach, and author. His latest book Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent, is all about strategic ways to grow your business by hiring smart and leading them well. Sydney knows that leadership development is an essential function of innovation. Sometimes, those strategies feel a little counter-intuitive. Learn from the best today about how to become a Superboss and revolutionize your workflow!

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Podcast highlights:

  • Why do people want to work for Superbosses?
  • Leadership development can mean problems for retaining employees. Find out why that is a good thing?
  • Scaling the Superboss mentality throughout your whole corporation.
  • Digital learning experiences are the future of leadership.
  • Dealing with disengagement using your Superboss superpowers.
  • See who Sydney’s favorite Superboss is.
  • Sometimes, Superbosses act counter-intuitively.
  • Sydney’s biggest takeaway for aspiring leaders.


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