One Percent Edge #Podcast: David Lapin

Achievable Steps to Business Success in a Changing Environment with David Lapin

As a business leader, how do you stay creative, innovative, and relevant? That may sound like an impossible task, but we know it’s important to constantly change your business products and operations. “What’s hot today is dead tomorrow.” Today’s show will help you break this kind of success down into achievable steps around your leadership values.

David Lapin is a true futurist. He’s gained the highest respect among international business leaders for his unique ability to understand and unravel the complex dynamics of the human spirit, and at the same time, to identify a business’ most strategic opportunities and operational challenges. This ability, combined with an uncompromising position on growing revenue and maximizing profit, places him in the mastery category amongst international speakers, thought leaders, and organizational advisors.

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Podcast highlights:

  • David’s book, Lead by Greatness, was born out of the idea that people are maxed out on time and resources and yet the demands are ever-increasing
  • What we can do if we bring the full power of character and personality into our leadership
  • The importance of innovation today to keep us from becoming irrelevant
  • “The sweet spot” of collective creativity balanced with pursuing personal purpose
  • David’s South African background and his work with U.S. businesses
  • The challenges of working through transformation and with diverse people
  • David’s unique and unconventional approach
  • Why we still structure and manage corporations like we did 120 years ago
  • Examples of companies who are implementing his strategies and finding success
  • Phenomenal results with leadership philosophy, values, and development
  • The biggest issues facing businesses today:
    • Convergence and sameness
    • Refusal to reinvent themselves
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • What business leaders can do to promote engagement
  • “The inspiration deficit” and how it plays into businesses today
  • How businesses can protect themselves from being “uber-ized”
  • David’s best advice for business leaders:
    • Don’t be a follower of the data
    • Probe your own purpose and make sure you’re living it