E-Commerce Problems And Solutions Guide [#slideshare]

By Joe Ardeeser

Retailers realize there are plenty of reasons why their physical store locations could fail. For instance, shoppers tend to stay away from stores that have poor lighting or look dingy, so retailers invest in bright lighting and do their best to keep stores clean and neat.

Stores that offer indifferent or unresponsive customer service also tend to fare poorly, so successful retailers put a lot of emphasis on hiring motivated people and training them to provide the best possible service. Customers today expect retailers to offer multiple shopping options geared toward maximum convenience, leading many retailers to incorporate an e-commerce element to their businesses.

However, not all businesses understand that they need to put just as much care and attention into their e-commerce sites as they do their brick-and-mortar locations. Even though e-commerce has a lot to offer customers in the way of convenience, it also can provide them with plenty of reasons to shop elsewhere if the experience isn’t up to snuff.

For example, most people have come to expect a certain level of speed when it comes to filling online orders. Furthermore, e-commerce sites that expect shoppers to pay high shipping costs and wait a long time for orders will hamper sales. Other times, e-commerce websites fail simply because they aren’t visually appealing enough to entice shoppers to stick around and complete purchases.

Then again, aesthetics isn’t everything. Even the most visually appealing website won’t convert many customers if they have a hard time navigating the site due to poor web design or broken code.

Businesses that rely on e-commerce — or even businesses that count on e-commerce for part of their overall strategy — need to be aware of ways their websites may be turning off customers. The guide below details some of the most common problems e-commerce sites encounter, how they hurt businesses — and some simple tips for avoiding/overcoming those problems.

It may be obvious to you when your store locations aren’t performing up to snuff, but don’t let the warning signs of an underperforming e-commerce site slip past you.

E-Commerce Problems and Solutions Guide courtesy of Jordan Crown.

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Joe Ardeeser is owner and operator of Jordan Crown, a web design agency in the Seattle area that provides premium marketing websites to small and midsized businesses. As a seasoned professional in the creative industry, Ardeeser has more than 15 years of experience. His greatest enjoyment comes from business building and business development — whether that’s improving the company’s sales process or figuring out how to bring in the highest level of talent.