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One Percent Edge #Podcast: Jeff Davidson

Managing Priorities to Capture More Balance in Your Life with Jeff Davidson Is work/life balance a myth, or a reality? Work seems to consume more and more of our lives these days because we are always available on social media, email, and cell phones (thanks technology!) This is the first time in human history where […]

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How to recruit local workers in novel ways

By Jeff Davidson For small business owners finding competent workers can be a continuing challenge. By now everyone has variety of approaches to hiring via the Internet. It makes sense to employ other approaches concurrently. For example, when is the last time you posted a help wanted advertisement on a library public bulletin board? Have […]

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The Value of Getting to ‘No’

By Jeff Davidson Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury has been a popular book for decades, and the phrase “getting to yes” has been around for nearly equally as long. In the course of a career and a life, getting to “yes” is a worthwhile and enjoyable outcome. This particular article, however, […]

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Be Ready for Phone Calls

By Jeff Davidson The telephone, invented in 1876, has been in widespread use throughout the United States and much of the world since early 1900’s. Even with the rise in the last decade or so of internet commerce, closing sales via the telephone is still a huge component in the success of many types of […]

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Costs in Life, Cost in Business

By Jeff Davidson I had the opportunity to speak to the Wild Bird Feeders Industry at their annual convention. Don’t laugh; there were no bird brains there – everyone in the audience was pretty sharp. I learned in advance that one of the major laments among many audience members was that recent burdensome U.S. Homeland Security […]

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The opportunity in every inquiry

By Jeff Davidson Since anyone in your company is a potential public contact point, everyone must understand the opportunity in every telephone inquiry. Take the opportunity to thoroughly review with your staff how the phone will managed, and, if this applies to your business, avoid placing telephone reception responsibilities with the newest and least informed […]

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Abandon ‘Employee of the Month’ Citations

By Jeff Davidson You often see “employee of the month” plaques in hotels and other service-oriented businesses, but such systems actually work to the detriment of the business. For one, employees who win are not likely to feel as motivated in subsequent months. They might already know that nobody wins twice in the same year […]

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The considerable benefits of prepayments

By Jeff Davidson An agency based in San Francisco booked me to speak to the midwest region of defense account agency. A week prior to my departure, I had gathered all of the background research and information I needed to do a standout job in Columbus, Ohio when I got an unexpected letter in the […]

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There is Little Value in Working Tired

By Jeff Davidson Why do so many entrepreneurs feel that they can miss sleep without penalty? Or, if they know there are penalties, why do they nevertheless proceed? When several high achievers were asked this, the response that occurred most frequently went something like this: By working longer or harder now and perhaps getting less […]

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Valuing Your Intellectual Property

By Jeff Davidson Have you ever stopped to think that you have valuable property right on your hard drive? Undoubtedly, you have a variety of notes that you have taken over the years arranged in various categories. In support of your clients or customers, you may have developed forms that enable them to easily transact […]

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