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The One Percent Edge: The Go-Giver Author, Bob Burg, Explains the Difference Between a Go-Getter and a Go-Giver.

I bet that you could relate to me, in detail, the best stories that you’ve read or seen in movies over the years. But how well could you relate to me the details of the best college-level textbook that you’ve read?

Great stories stick with us. They become embedded in our consciousness. This is the power and beauty of Bob Burg and John David Mann’s “The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea.”

tggee-book-cover-255x300It takes a truly special book for me to toss this label out, but I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I call “The Go-Giver” a modern classic. Here’s one independent measure: The book gets a solid five stars on Amazon.

I point this out because ratings for even the best business books usually end with that little “half star.” But after some 800 reviews (even that raw number tells you a lot) this book rates a full five stars. Further, the book has been among the bestselling business books for years, having sold more than 500,000 copies. (When they hit that mark, their publisher asked them to start working on an expanded edition.)

I’m writing about it today because this new edition has just been released. Bob is a friend and mentor and I’m proud of the success he has had with “The Go-Giver.” I don’t make a dime from writing about it here, but if you’re involved in sales or any facet of running a business, investing in this small volume could pay off handsomely for you.

The story follows an ambitious young salesman named Joe as he is mentored by a legendary consultant who is most often referred to by his devotees as the “Chairman.” Joe learns a set of values that transform him from “go-getter” to “go-giver” and propel him to business success.

It’s a short book with a powerful message, one you won’t soon (if ever) forget. And to make this new edition even better, Bob and John have added a Q&A section as well as a Discussion Guide immediately following the story. As you can imagine, wherever they speak they get questions about the book, so they took the opportunity of the new edition to address those questions.

If you’ve never read “The Go-Giver,” now’s the time. You owe it to yourself and your future. If you read the first edition, pull together a group of colleagues, create a mastermind or study group, and go through it together, using the provided discussion guide.

Find the Right Loan for Your Small Biz: It’s Your Biz

Ami-New-Image-for-WebIn this episode of Small Business Secrets with Susan Solovic, guest Ami Kassar, the co-founder of, explains how his company helps businesses with the right loan for a small business at the lowest possible rate.


Succeeding in a Family -Owned Business: Small Business Success Podcast

2 snoozer-dog-products-logo-websiteSnoozerpet products was founded in Greenville, South Caroline in 1985.  Today it offers the finest quality pet beds and travel products manufactured primarily in the United States.  Gary O’Donnell, whose father founded the company, joins THE Small Business Expert to discuss the company’s success and share advice on handing the dynamics of a family-owned firm.




Know Before You Go — Tax Tips for Freelancers: THE Small Business Success Podcast

contact_barbaraJoin THE Small Business Expert, Susan Solovic, in this podcast on legal tips for freelancers is Barbara Weltman.  Weltman has been a tax and business attorney since 1977.  She has the knowledge entrepreneurs need to get ahead and stay ahead.

Whether she’s writing books on small business taxes, legal issues for business and business finance topics, speaking to corporate groups, teaching and consulting, guesting on popular radio shows, or publishing her Big Ideas for Small Business® newsletter, Barbara isn’t just in the game—She’s ahead of it.

Legal Considerations for the Home Remodeling Business: The Small Business Success Podcast

Flip or Flop — a fun HGTV program where a husband and wife team purchase houses to flip and hopefully make a profit.  Of course, in real life it’s not as easy as it looks in these one-hour programs.  So before you decide to launch your own remodeling business, you will want to heed the advice of my guest, Carol Keough of the Barita Keough Law Firm in Houston, Texas.

Tips for Starting a Remodeling Biz: The Small Business Success Podcast

Are you a fan of HGTV?  I certainly am.  I get caught up in all those remodeling programs.  It’s amazing what you can do with a little vision.

The popularity of the home remodeling business is resulting in many new businesses popping up around the country.  But simply being good with a hammer and a saw isn’t your ticket to success.

I spoke to Chris Chumbley, General Partner with the Dallas-based firm, USI Design and Remodeling.  With 18 years of experience, Chris shares sage advice to help you succeed.

NYC Subway Line’s Founder Talks About Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy

In this episode of 24The Small Business Success Podcast with THE Small Business Expert, Susan Solovic, hear an important story of lessons learned from NYC Subway Line’s Founder Lynne Lambert.   Lambert shares insight into the horrific first few days after the hurricane and sheds like on what all small business owners should consider to minimize the affect of a disaster on their businesses.





The Sage Summit Past and Present: Small Business Success Podcast


Gabie Boko, EVP and CMO Sage

image003Gabie Boko, Executive Vice President and CMO of Sage North American joins me to talk about this year’s Sage Summit, how they are keeping the momentum going and what’s in store for next year.

Also, hear what Summit attendees, Carrie Enders with RE Suspension, and Scott Harris, Catoctin Creek Distillery, have to say about how you can learn and grow your small business by attending the Sage Summit.

THE Small Business Expert’s Success Podcast: Keep Your Small Biz Safe From Disasters & Cyber-Attacks

excerptDonny-300x2251Personal security and identity theft expert, Robert Siciliano, joins me to discuss what you should do to protect your business in the event of a natural disaster or cyber-attack.

When Americans were urged to go on high alert after 9/11, personal security, identity theft expert, speaker and author Robert Siciliano was already ahead of the game. The advice is simple—so simple that Siciliano’s hard-won wisdom has gained him audiences across a wide variety of media: Increase security and reduce liability. 

Security is a wide and deep topic. Security is personal, physical and informational. Siciliano discusses all aspects of security as they relate to violence and fraud prevention in both the physical and virtual worlds. He can show you how to keep home invaders from assaulting you and taking your family hostage, or how you can prevent criminal hackers from accessing your network and downloading client data.

For almost 30 years, Siciliano has been committed to maintaining his expertise in all aspects of security by constantly researching new and upcoming security trends with the goal of informing and educating you so you can avoid becoming a statistic. He says, “There always has been, there is now and there will always be a criminal predatory element stalking its next victim. Being proactive and knowing your options are essential.”

What’s Your Small Business Purpose?

Every business should be in business to make money.  But truly successful businesses realize there is something more.  They have a true purpose.  Your business purpose is the heart and soul of your company.