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What’s Your Small Business Purpose?

Every business should be in business to make money.  But truly successful businesses realize there is something more.  They have a true purpose.  Your business purpose is the heart and soul of your company.

Stop Struggling and Build Sustainable, Profitable Growth.

Women Rock Small Business: Get Tips in This Episode of It’s Your Biz with Susan Solovic

Sage Summit – Susan Solovic

Power Lunch with Susan Solovic

Join me as I interview Bonny Filandrinos, CEO and Founder of Staffing Solutions, and Rebecca Herwick, founder of Global Products, Inc.. These multi-million dollar women business owners share secrets on how you can elevate your business success.

Upstarts! How Gen Yers are Rocking the World of Business & What You Can Learn

Veteran business journalist, Donna Fenn, shares insight from her new book on the Gen Yers and how they are transforming the business world. Listen to the tips she learned which can help you profit in your small business.

Your Small Biz Can Survive & Thrive Even in Hard Times

Wildly successful entrepreneur, Bill Collier, is my guest in this program. He is the author of "How to Succeed in Business and Still Have a Life. He is also a business coach with The Great Game of Business. Bill shares expert advice on how you can ramp up your business success even in an economic downturn.

Tips to Make Selling a Snap

There’s an old saying in business — nothing happens until you sell something. But in today’s economy, selling is tougher than ever before. Potential customers are under extreme pressure to do more with less money, less time and fewer resources. It’s tough to get in the door.

Sales expert, Jill Konrath has the answers for you. Jill is the author of “Snap Selling”, which became number one on Amazon the first day it was released. The book offers fresh strategies which actually work in today’s business environment. Jill is also the author of “Selling to Big Companies”, which was deemed a must read by Fortune magazine.

There is Funding For Small Business. Multi-Funding Co-Founder Shares Advice

Some businesses change over-time and so should their debt structure, Ami Kassar, CEO of says. Typically, small business owners think about their financing reactively, instead of being proactive in thinking about opportunities to refinance and consolidate their existing debt. Listen to the advice Kassar shares about how your business can attract the funding it needs to succeed.

New Internet Site Builds Legal Biz

Meet Lisa DiMonte, the co-founder of — a new website designed as a networking resource exclusively for legal professionals to connect, collaborate and create business opportunities.