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New Turnaround Business Reality TV Show Helps Struggling Small Businesses

The popular television program Shark Tank looks for businesses with great potential.  In contrast, a new CNBC show called The Profit features failing small businesses.  Marcus Lemonis, CEO and founder of Camping World, a multi-billion dollar company, is known as America’s number one business turnaround artist.  He will do whatever it takes to fix your failing business.

On the show, Lemonis goes into a struggling business and offers to invest in the company using his own money for a significant equity stake.  Then, he uses his experience to restructure the company and get it back on track.

“For the next week, I’m going to have control,” Lemonis says to the struggling business owners.

The CNBC show is now casting its second season and is looking for businesses to help. To apply go to this link and complete the online application.

See my 2015 update on Lemonis and “The Profit.”



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  1. Help … Florida. .. construction business. .. lost all … help. ..

  2. Help! My dads weapons and sporting goods business is dying! He’s had it for over 16 years! We need help!
    It’s called: Sure Shot Sports in Waxhaw NC

  3. Help..My ex father in law’s business needs to be revamped he lost his house has had to sell many possesion’s. The business was bought with all he had saved and has stressed him so bad he’s had to have heart surgery and has had to borrow out of his inheritance from his mother..PLEASE HELP

  4. Family business not only going under but tearing family apart…. please help!!!!
    Santa Barbara

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