Crowdfunding For a Cause.

You can’t peruse any information on small business or start-ups without running across the topic of crowdfunding.  If crowdfunding were a fashion trend, it would be “the new black.”  But even if you’ve determined your small business can’t benefit from this new source of revenue, you likely know of something or someone who can.  As a business leader in the community in which you live and work, it’s important to be involved. But with the economy still struggling, charitable organizations are taking some of the hardest hits.  You’d like to help, but the need is greater than the contents of your wallet.  I’ve got a suggestion:  Why not Crowdfund for a Cause?

Crowd It Forward: Random Acts Of Crowdfunding  is “a non-profit foundation that brings people together to respond to the needs of individuals in difficult circumstances and to reward those whose acts deserve recognition through random acts of crowdfunding.”  It is an extension of ClickStartMe – a crowdfunding platform that allows almost anyone to fund their ideas and dreams.  Current projects underway at Crowd It Forward range from Shoes for Semper Fi to the Navy Yard Shooting Tragedy.  Although these projects are of national attention, your project (or one you’re interested in helping) could benefit.

The process is simple: submit a suggestion for a project directly through the website, or send an email to While they will consider all ideas and suggestions submitted, they cannot guarantee they will create a project based on those submissions. They only create projects that are consistent with furthering their mission and that comply with IRS rules and regulations that govern 501(c)(3) organizations.
So the next time there’s a charitable cause worthy of more than just your community’s attention, why not Crowd It Forward?

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