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Need More Customers for Your Small Business? Sage Wants to Help.

I don’t think I know any small business owners who don’t want more business.  New research from Sage found 57 percent of small businesses want more business, but 22 percent say they have done no advertising, promotions, or publicity in order to attract new customers.  That seems counter-intuitive, but if you own your own business, I know you understand why.  When the economy gets tight, one of the first things we cut is marketing.

Sage wants to help you get your business name out there so you can attract new business opportunities. With the Sage Local Advertising Contest, you could win a $15,000 digital advertising package.  Who couldn’t use that kind of support?

Each prize package includes:

  • Up to $5,000 in agency fees with Doremus, a Sage North America advertising agency, to design the creative for a digital marketing campaign.
  • $10,000 in local digital advertising media.
  • Digital advertising materials that you can use again and again.

To be eligible to win:

*  Register on the Sage website.

*  Describe in 150 words or less how winning the contest will help your small business.

*  You have until February 7, 2014 to submit your entry.

You’ll find more contest rules on the Sage Local Advertising website.  Don’t miss this opportunity to help your business soar to success.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure all businesses want more customers. However, they must be prepared to take on those extra customers and provide the proper service to them. Utilizing an inbound call center can greatly help with that.

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