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Understanding micro-moments for online small business success

Remember how you used to spend hours casually surfing the Internet? Those long, online sessions have been replaced by thousands of “micro-moments” on our mobile devices – mostly on our smartphones. Understanding this changed behavior is critical to your small business online marketing and advertising success. Google is probably the single biggest driving force behind […]

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This Week in Small Business: Overlooked marketing opportunities, living RICH, and much more

This weeks tips will steer you toward finding new marketing opportunities, make you a happier person and help you find out exactly what kind of entrepreneur you are. Dig in! Marketing and sales Hyperlocal media planning, digging deeper than sites like Facebook and Yelp, is one of the most often missed opportunities when it comes […]

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Match Your Hyper-Local Marketing with Hyper-Local Customer Service

Let me toss an idea out to you: Business practices follow marketing practices. Illustrating this concept with an example will clarify what I mean: For some time now, marketing has been getting more and more targeted. “Hyper-local” marketing today is quite common, consequently hyper-local business practices need to follow suit. We are seeing this played […]

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