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Crowdfunding Contest Helps Small Businesses Raise Startup Capital

Show me the money!  Many small business startups struggle to find the cash they need to start their small business venture.  If you’re searching for start-up capital, pay attention.  The National Association for the Self-Employed  (NASE) and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) have partnered with Fundable — a crowdfunding platform — to […]

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Freedom and Passion Top List for Entrepreneurial Start-ups

For today’s entrepreneurs, starting a business is not all about the money.  According to the 2013 State Of The Business Owner (SOBO) Report, recently released announced by the business coaching company EMyth, the top three reasons today’s entrepreneurs start their business are: freedom to pursue new opportunities; following their personal passion; and, to gain independence […]

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Measurements Key to Your Small Business Success

Most small business owners launch their companies because they are really good at delivering a particular product or service and they love doing it. Sadly, the majority aren’t equally as talented at managing the financial aspects of their businesses. Building a successful business requires more financial management than adding up your sales, subtracting the expenses and hoping there’s a little left over.

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