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This week in small business: How women entrepreneurs are excelling, the working vacation, and more

The experts speak in this week’s collection of curated content. The topics are many and varied: Travel tips, Instagram marketing tips, the importance of women entrepreneurs, and many more. Don’t put off reading through this…and if you tend to procrastinate, skip down to the advice from Jayson DeMers. Leadership, management, and productivity Small business owners […]

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It may be time to increase paid time off (PTO) and the reasons will surprise you

This may sound like one of those Zen koans – such as, “What’s the sound of one hand clapping” – but I assure you it’s not: What can you offer your employees as incentives not to work that are, in fact, incentives to make them work? In today’s highly competitive market for top talent, fast […]

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Dos and Don’ts for Your Vacation Auto-Response Email

It’s now officially summer and hopefully for many of you that means it’s time for a summer vacation.  Unless you plan on responding to emails during your time out of the office which defeats the purpose of taking a vacation, then you need to create an auto-response message. An auto-response message lets your customers, clients, […]

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