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Emotional Women: How to Turn a ‘Liability’ Into a Source of Power

Assimilated Leadership Mentor Shares 4 Tips for Harnessing Your Feelings Emotional. Sensual. Intuitive.  Society tends to treat these “feminine” qualities as liabilities; traits that should be suppressed and discouraged because they make us appear “weak.” “Those characteristics are in fact the foundations of our feminine power,” says Leela Francis, author of “Woman’s Way Home,” (www.VividlyWoman.com), […]

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The ‘Moneyball’ Approach to Business Hiring

Expert Offers Tips for Creating Championship Teams Great coaches take into consideration an athlete’s talent and heart when they’re building a team, but they consider group dynamics, too, says entrepreneur J. Allan McCarthy. “It’s not just a matter of getting the fastest, strongest and smartest players on your side,” says McCarthy, an international scaling expert […]

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Improving Leadership through the Brain-to-Belly Nerve

Business Execs Should Embrace Mind-Body-Business Connection, Says Veteran Consultant; Offers Tips You’ve heard the expressions: “He lost his nerve;” “He doesn’t have the stomach for it;” “No guts.” “As it turns out, those expressions are anatomically accurate,” says Dr. Stephen Josephs. “The nerve that you lose when you’re afraid is the vagus nerve, which runs […]

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