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Checking Messages After Hours May Warrant Overtime for Your Employees

Do you provide mobile devices to your employees? Most workers today are connected to their jobs 24/7 — blurring the line between work hours and personal time. In many respects, it’s hard to get away from the job. But how much time does the average worker spend checking emails or taking work-related calls after hours? Some employees feel it’s significant and they’re striking back.

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Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

Entrepreneurs frequently start businesses because they see unique solutions to everyday problems. That’s true for one musician turned inventor.

“My iPhone crashed. I lost all my photos and calendar. I was frustrated by having to manually input all my contacts. I decided there has to be a better way,” explains Amos Winbush III. And that’s what sparked the idea for this young musician from Shreveport, La., with no technology background, to create a solution — CyberSynchs, a universal data transfer and synchronization company.

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6 Common Technology Mistakes to Avoid

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been on a nation-wide book tour for my new, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book, “It’s You Biz: The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss.” As a result, I’ve talked with hundreds of small business owners and have listened to their concerns about growing their companies. A popular topic has been technology. Leveraging the right technology is critical for small business success. However, busy entrepreneurs often don’t have time to familiarize themselves with the latest and greatest, and as a result, they make wrong choices or none at all.

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