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Google + Hangouts Helping Small Businesses Succeed

True confession — I’m a social media junkie. Kred, an organization that measures social media influence, recently placed me in the top one percent of influencers on the Internet. Many small businesses are using social media as a part of their overall marketing strategy, but keeping up with the rapidly changing social media market can be overwhelming. For example, just recently new statistics showed that Google +, the new kid on the block, is now number two behind Facebook, overtaking Twitter, in the social media world. One popular tool Google+ offers is called Google + Hangouts, and savvy small business owners are finding it as useful tool to help them grow their businesses.

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How To Turn a Part-Time Passion Into a Small Business Success.

Millions of Americans are dreaming about starting their own small business. However, because starting a business is risky, a lot of people choose to play it safe and follow a traditional career path. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be all or nothing. Consider starting your business on a part-time basis to test the water before you jump.

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Small Businesses Struggle with Preserving Social Media Content

As small businesses aggressively employ Facebook, Twitter and blog posts as marketing strategies, gone are the days when a corporate communiques were tightly controlled by a few managers in a communications department. But many businesses are finding an undesirable side effect — an inability to keep record of all the ephemeral ideas and thoughts they‘re […]

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