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Build Better Customer Relations: Cut Out the Jargon

Business jargon. Some people think it makes them sound important or intelligent, while others use to “fit in.” Not only is it boring, but it can also make people think you are lying. Research from New York University and the University of Basel in Switzerland shows that if you want people to trust you use plain old simple English — not a bunch of business buzz words.

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Would You Have the Courage to Say: Pay Me Whatever You Like?

I travel every week, and I often schedule a car service to go to the airport. The last several times I’ve gotten the same older gentleman who is charming without being over-bearing with conversation. (I don’t like too much chit-chat.)
When we get to the airport, I ask “What do I owe you?” Each time I get the same response, “Pay me whatever you like.”

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Is Your Small Business a Follower or a Leader? Four Examples of Success

My motto has always been: ”Me too” business ideas rarely become great businesses. The businesses most likely to take off are created by entrepreneurs who see a need in the market that isn’t currently being met, and who figure out a way to meet that need. Now, that might mean inventing a new product, creating a new industry, or simply figuring out a better way to provide a service or bring a product to market. Think about these examples.

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Employees Can Sink Your Small Business With Social Media Mistakes

By now, if you don’t understand the huge impact social media is having on our society today, then you must be living under a rock. For millions of Americans, social media is a prevalent part of their personal and professional lives. And many small businesses are learning to expertly leverage social media as an effective marketing tool. Which raises a tricky question. How do you manage personal and business communications in this new medium?

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Get a Head Start on the New Year: Make The Most of The Last Week

What are you doing right now? It’s the last week of the year. Unless you are in retail, chances are your business is almost dead right now. So it is tempting to take the week off. Right?

Smart business owners are using this quiet time to get a jump start on the New Year, and you can too. Here are some ideas you can put work in your business.

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