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Resources for Amazon Sellers

I had the privilege last week to speak at the Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs (S.C.O.E.) in Seattle, Washington.  This annual event focuses on Internet retailers who sell their merchandise across multiple platforms (on Amazon, eBay and etsy.com as well as their own websites), but due to the event’s proximity to Amazon’s corporate headquarters, it […]

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3 Tips to Sales Success

No matter what type of business you’re in, you’re in the business of selling.  And many small business owners admittedly don’t like sales.  They are passionate about their product or service, but when it comes to closing deals, they fall short.  Why?  Often it’s the fear of rejection.  But good sales people view “no” as […]

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Six Tips for Improving Your Online Storefront and Boosting Sales

Online storefronts are a wonderful way to sell goods and services, but presentation is key: too many businesses fail to market their storefronts successfully. Online storefronts have proven to be a cost-effective way to ring up more sales because they provide customers with self-service and self-ordering capabilities, which saves money and manpower. Those who don’t […]

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